Adult Use Business License Application Instructions Now Available

It was nearly a year ago that Michigan voters approved Proposal 1 to legalize and regulate marijuana for all adults 21 and older. Yesterday, the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency released applications instructions for owners seeking an adult-use business license.

The licensing is similar what the state legislature approved for medical marijuana  businesses (growing, processing, testing, transportation and retail) with the addition of a few key licenses:

  • Marijuana micro business licenses allow for the cultivation of up to 150 plants and the processing and retail of their products from a single licensed location.
  • Consumption establishment licenses will allow businesses to operate a location designated for on-site consumption.
  • Marijuana event organizer licenses will be individuals or businesses licensed to organize special marijuana events.
  • Temporary marijuana event licenses will be available for event organizers to apply for a limited-time marijuana event.


Cannabis Entrepreneurs should visit the Marijuana Regulatory Agency website to find more information including:

  • An overview of the licensing process;
  • Step one and step two applications for new applicants and existing medical marijuana facility licensees;
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for the online applications;
  • Instructions for new applicants and existing marijuana facility licensees for each license type;
  • Application checklists;
  • Detailed paper instruction booklet including step-by-step instructions for paper applications.